About ARM Consulting, LLC

ARM Consulting, LLC was founded in 2008 by Andrew Margolick, an industry veteran of 11 years.  Based on his leasing work as a member of a third party management firm, his ownership of enclosed regional malls and his work on behalf of retailers Andrew saw a need for a company that could help retailers through their entire cycle of a lease, from site selection through termination or expiration. The Company’s diverse experience allows for both a formulation and implementation of strategy.

The biggest source of frustration that a retailer experiences when outsourcing some or all real estate functions is dealing with numerous people.  ARM Consulting, LLC can provide a single point of contact for retailers, whether the need is as small as growing or contracting in a market, or as large as needing to outsource all leasehold functions.

ARM Consulting, LLC has worked with retailers of all sizes, from 15 locations to 1,500 locations, from 1,200 square feet to nearly 100,000 square feet.  The company works in every type of location, from street retail to enclosed regional malls, and does so both domestically and internationally.

In addition to retailers, ARM Consulting, LLC has strong relationships with private equity firms and is available for third party due diligence, management assessments and comprehensive lease analysis.  ARM Consulting, LLC has assisted with portfolio evaluations, consultation on potential acquisitions and evaluation of internal processes.

Andrew Margolick

Andrew Margolick


The relationships and respect that Andrew Margolick and his partners maintain within the REIT and landlord community provides access to the highest levels, i.e. the decision makers.  This allows for expedited decisions and in addition, allows for portfolio reviews to be done on a timely and well informed basis.  ARM Consulting’s ethics and approach assures that clients need not worry about their go-forward relationships with landlords being tarnished.