Portfolio Management & Optimization

With a firm understanding of retail leases and an ability to understand needs and leverage, ARM Consulting can assess not only value held within a lease but can also extract that value. Clients are able to leverage the company’s deep relationships with decision makers in the REIT and landlord community, making the process a more streamlined and efficient one.

As importantly, clients are able to focus on maximizing revenues while feeling confident that the existing portfolio is protected, paying at or below market rents and maintaining lease standards. This tried and true, multi-step approach has been successfully implemented with both small and large portfolios and includes:

  • Real Estate Portfolio Review

    A full review of leases, geography and cash flow/trends

  • Strategy

    Collaborating with the client to establish and implement a full real estate strategy that includes, but is not limited to:

    • Establishing economic standards and benchmarks
    • Establishing lease standards for non-economic clauses
  • Implementation

    • Lease Renewals
    • Early Extensions
    • Lease Terminations
    • Lease Restructuring
    • Non-economic changes
    • Relocations/Right-sizing of spaces
  • Documentation

    Obtaining final LOI and working with legal team through full execution

Andrew’s high level relationships with the landlords and ability to negotiate leases allowed us to get not only fair deals but to do so in a timely and efficient manner.